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Macbook Mod I

Posted by Tyler | Posted in E-Modding | Posted on 24-11-2009


This will be the beginning of the writeup for my macbook mod. It all began a year ago or so when I decided I wanted to start writing apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. With this goal came a dilemma; I didn’t have a mac (at the time) to do any coding on and you need a mac to do any sort of development for the iPhone/iPod. To solve the problem, I decided I would buy a broken macbook and mod it into a new case and make it work again, although it would no longer be a laptop. I never really cared for laptops anyway, so it was no harm no foul, plus it would be pretty cool to get back into making things again.

A few weeks after I acquired all the parts and was beginning assembly, I came upon a mac mini from a friend, now partner. This was the kryptonite that nearly killed my beloved mod, as I had no reason to finish as I had a working mac. The months would go by and the mini would peddle away on top of my tower (oh yes, I should probably be using the really good computer I built last year-another expensive working paperweight) while the logic board of the mod would sit on my desk and stare back at me, the two chips staring back at me like a sad pair of eyes.

My best friend and I would occasionally talk about it and throw ideas back and forth because my original goal of modding it seemed like an extreme long shot. Another competing idea for how I would finish it would be the trophy mount; Billy the big mouth bass style, except less talking comedic fish and more super awesome logic board. The topic would be shelved for the time being and brought up. This back and forth banter happened for some time and all to many jokes were had on behalf of the wonder machine Steve J helped put together. The mod was all but dead in my heart though and I would always think about it.

Then one day it all changed and I decided to finish it. It was like a switch was flipped and all I could do was drill and dremel. That day was Sunday, November 23rd, 2009. My macbook mod is now complete and looks so impressive now that it is no longer a mass of exposed circuit boards and wiring.

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PICS! Awesome man! Congrats on the mod. ^_^

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